Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm Helluva BimBo!! TUT-TUT


i successfully chose a new skin for my pretty blog! I AM SO DARN PROUD OF IT!
thinking back of the tedious, dreary, traumatizing colour that i had back then...urgh. BLACK is just sickening. having it as a colour for clothes would be fantastic. not anything hard feelings! i was just toking about me-self! *GRINS*


i'm really gonna be the most PATHETIC and FORLON child in the whole freaking galaxy. my deary parents would be leaving to China on thursday which means i can't call them anytime of the day,wherever i am cos it'll cost a bundle...and this situation is gonna have to last for E-I-G-H-T f*cking days!!

poor MAX. she'll even be more abandoned cos nat's not gonna waste her time stroking and toking to her like what mommy does. and no one's gonna bring her for a drive after dinner. poor gal...

- that's not the only thing -

i won't be going back home this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have no choice. it's the only way i can figure out. i'd be going for the ANTI-DRUG CONCERT held at Jalan Bukit Bintang. never thought i had the chance to go until we got the tics from redbox after lala's bday party!! i tot it was really awesome at first cos we got the front zone- hottrax which means i can get a close shot of...(call me cheapskate)...SHAWN YUE!!

-pause-.............(discussing the matter with si mou on msn-10 mins later)...........change of plans.

i'm not going for it. just made the decision with si mou. saves all the freaking trouble.

i feel glad that i can go home. EVEN IF IT'S JUST FOR A NIGHT. at least i'd be able to meet nat and maybe cook a meal with her and tok about her wedding plans blah blah blah but there goes another chance of seeing my cutie...and i've missed it...twice. i can't afford to miss the INITIAL D premier!! NEVER!!!!!!

ok. so now my little max won't be so alone cos i'll be rushing back home after friday, if there isn't a autograph session by another 2 adorable hunks---> call me cheapskate again. i'm a HK maniac. anything that goes behind the two beautiful syllables will end me up in a speechless state. YES. i love HONG KONG! MUAHAHAHAH

Image hosted by max...CUTE!!!


partying at redbox last saturday was fun. more than fun. flabbergasting.

unfortunately i had to leave a bit earlier cos there was a feast waiting for me back at my home sweet home! didn't really sing too much though. voice turned parrot-ish. guess it's telling me that i should get my big fat arse back to that karaoke A.S.A.P.

and there were indeed many surprises the other day. mostly good ones...thank god
i- had a duet with my si mou and realized she sounds so much like HOCC. hers was deeper.

ii- eng kien sounded so charming. YES! HE DID! he sang 'forever love' and if i could live with my eyes shut out eternally, i might have fallen in love with him...his voice i mean...HAHA!!!!

iii- the parking came to rm17. shit.


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