Thursday, May 28, 2009

One more to go...

i mean days...
before i officially join 'the dark side' .

2 months back, i waited in agony for this very day to approach.
a month ago, i finally handed over 70% of my work and for the first time in 8 months of working in proximity, i actually HAVE leisure hours to chat with my friends on msn, berbonding with my beloved *yes nora if u're reading, U* *sobs* copywriters, cracking up with other colleagues, coming home earlier more often for dinners with the family and even heading back to eitp. NOT to mention ultimate badminton games and...teehee! belly dancing. i kenot dance on the podium so...better not make me before i gross everyone out.

it was fun to plan faraway lunch outings, watch youtube and watch illegally downloaded movies *hush* secretly, walking to the art director's table and standing there smiling just because he's busy and i'm not XD...and leaving the office at 7pm, guilt free...OH and entering the office at...erm...11? it was 2pm today. cos i 'worked late' last night. which is true la okay...have to cross check when the page went live. i is responsiblesss. hmph

it suddenly dawned upon me that i have just 1 more day left in the first ever company that i've worked for (besides thestar) and althou bbdo is just a step away (literally), i admit i am feeling a little...*thinking of the very word to describe*


*clock ticks*



yeah odd. perfect word. to be exact i'm slightly saddened by the fact. *sniffs*
i don't really know why...but when proxi was addressed as THEM during the team briefing with BBDO this evening, i felt...WUEHHHHHHHHH!!!


nola i think it's pms.
yeah PMS.

note to everyone who's laffing - i dun hate the company ok. i just dislike 2 women.
ok i'm going to bathe and head to bed early just so i can emo.


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