Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i love pain

ok before i elaborate on my topic, i'd need to blog about the guangzhou trip before i forget.

there done.

NAH KIDDING. i haven't got the mood to edit the pix. obviously there are waaay too many and i need to select the best of it. and the only way to remind me is by...seeing that tub of thing up there...*shivers*...until i make a new post.

so i shall do that next. i've already forgotten most of details and names of the places so no worries. i shall just lantak. u won't know, will you? XD

oh if you were wondering, it's a JAR (gam siah babi) of snake heads. i snapped that 100 feet away and zoomed. not bad ey.


i've returned to eitp with thumbee. it's hell. but i like the pain.

belly dancing is fun too!!!

i'll be shakira 5 years own the road...u just wait i tell u. just wait.


ok goodnite. sum1 piggy back me to the room please.

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