Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i'm back...for some time already

china again...was awesome.
so awesome i wished i could be there for a couple weeks more if anne wasn't an issue. cos my arms were itching from pinching her chubby limbs. XD

pictures later la k.
work's waaayyy more laid back now.
and...im now scared of more offers. i guess i have enough of it currently. dun confuse me. i'm scared.
it doesn't only appear in movies. politics do occur. and it's a treacherous journey to go through when u're on the wrong side so don't even get there. i'm sticking to my decision. move off u buggers!! i'm stepping over to the bigger ship. GAHHHH!!!

ok la if u dun understand what i just said, i'll use layman terms.
i'm quitting proximity...and joining BBDO. nonono don't scratch ur arse, many people dun really get what i mean. bt fact is, proximity is under BBDO. so i'm quitting the anak to join the ibu. god bless me. thank you.

and i'm stepping back to eitp.
thumbee ffk-ed me today. bitch. hmph.
we're giving ourselves 5 months.

i had my dinner at 12.40am.

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