Thursday, April 16, 2009

i vants to cry

listening to adam lambert.
for good reasons of course.

the last that gave me this feeling was obviously david cook. and i never really blogged about AI. even fantasia was lke...mehhh...ok la...quite good but this fucking gay-but-oh-so-stunning-u-wanna-just-kill-him-so-he-can-be-reborn-straight is HELLUVA AWESOME ROCKER...singer. ahem.

but i honestly felt that 'mad world' wasn't that good. it was shaky at the closing bit. ptah hate me.

the countdown begins.
in less than about 48 hours i'd be leaving on a jetplane. to the land where i swore i'd never...EVER set foot upon again. there...never ever swear. it'll be the first stop of the trip. rejoice peanut rejoice. -.-. anyways, as always, im paranoid when it comes to flights. just wish me luck and pray that i land safe...and sound. there and back ok. -.-. and that i dun fall sick midway. CHOI!!!

i experienced apparent wooziness after an interview last week. i blame it on MAXIS because they launched their iphone and took up the entire centre court in mv...and i was just beside...the very place i felt the world spin. i had to lean on the glass panel of GUESS to rest. oso must choose nice place. awesome. anyway, the natnat suggests that it's my stupid cocked eyes and reckons that i shud have my specs on 24/7. sigh. dahlah takde hidung. how to support specs. lazy wanna wear cons everyday cos wake up late. how. -.-. oh apart from that, i couldn't really see well cos i bawled my eyes out watching marley and me and the puffiness took up 3/4 of my vision. double awesome.

it's 11.27pm and i'm having my dinner. i'm blogging cos i'm having trouble tearing the gizzard i'm eating apart. i shall stop typing cos i need to stick my hands into my mouth now. XD

oh and to all kepochis that care, i think i found a job.
with not much trouble.
CHEWAH. ok not jinxing. SHUT UP.

clubbing pix.......
erm...later la.

and just in case you were wondering, yeah i'm going to china with the parents. want anything? list down in the comments area. i'll probably take a look when i'm back. XD

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