Thursday, April 9, 2009

go away!

have you ever tried avoiding sum1 so see them leaving now and the nxt corner you turn they're right ahead?

or rather, have you tried getting urself ill but end up running a marathon, winning it without the need of tongkat ali but get hospitalized when you abso-fuckingly need to be healthy?

now, if you had not known, i'll be heading to zhu hai with the parents for a little break from hell next sunday for a week. and ironically, the designer is down with mumps. -.-. i try not make it too apparent that i'm freaked out at the sight of him. i hold my breathe till i go green and try the least the be around him for more than 3 minutes. i waited for him to leave the office before i grabbed my bag and headed for the lift. i took the other exit just so i could waste some time till he walks way farther and the virus will have the time to die i'm not sure if it's airborne i'm paranoid. and as i reach the lift, there he was. he had a short discussion with the other designer therefore the delay. HEY! SUCH A COINCIDENCE. come lets hold hands and walk down!! u get the drift...

no seriously. i'm not evil. i'm sorry he's ill and yet he has to slave his life away working. i wouldn't mind sitting on his lap if it were to be any normal day but i've been waiting for this trip for god knows how long and i can't afford to ruin it.

so now pls excuse me i'm gonna lie on my bed with a can of beer to let my antibody work efficiently and effectively to keep myself virus free for the next 2 weeks till im back from the land of people's republic.

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