Friday, October 14, 2005


i was pestered into writing a post that demands me to speak in a proper and yet demanding way.

i have been reminded since young that good english requires neither too bombastic nor flowery words but just plain sentences that gets straight to the point and seizes the understanding of the reader himself.

texts from secondary books never were challenging to me. they were simple, direct and the featured stories were what i thought to only attract students of primary schools with a better command in english compared to those their age.

i was totally absurd. it occured to me when i wrote my fanfiction back in form 5, that readers are not concerned about how extravagant the language is. the essence of the story is the most important. why say 'ur magnificent attitude brings shine to ur outlook' when u can say...'u're beautiful'.

i have read articles and blogs that require me to hold a dictionary in hand in order to understand the contents...what more when the vocabulary is stupendous and the grammar is downright rotten. it's so unnatural.

so i say...keep it simple. we won't adore you cos u're speaking from the dictionary.


*mahai*. what's the hoopla all about.

i don't mean to critisize. i am ranked baddie no.1 by linda. she forced me into writing this post. ;)

talking about simple english, the content above the ---line--- is utterly dim-witted la k? i'm just trying to write something correctly and it took me some time to get my english back. i'm not disapproving. it's just something that linda and i have been toking about since we read an 'article'...

non-words are still on top of my list...can't leave without them.

re-speaking about my fanfic...interested?! try correcting my vocab. i WAS speaking from the dic!! shallow me...
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