Sunday, November 20, 2005

happy bday to me! early bday i mean...

i wanted to put the title in caps...
but then everyone who reads it would say i'm this attention seeking bitch.


can't believe it. i'm gonna b NINETEEN in...lemme count...maths terukness...22 hours.

went to Eastin for an early celebration on saturday nite cos everyone would be working on tuesday and by the time they reached home it's already late evening so we celebrated earlier on. and also because we wouldn't be able to biatch around til late at nite cos i'd b leaving to Singapore the very next wednesday morning.

i have always loved going to Eastin. the journey there would always b very noisy cos nat and i would blab non-stop. i love the spread in Eastin. they never dissapoint me. I HAD MY FAVOURITE BIG BIG OYSTERS!!! ate like so many until i lost count...salmon...sashimi stuff and assam laksa. GAWD! they knew it's my bday. TEEHEE!!

and most fun of all is...EVERYONE GETS TO DRESS UP TO KILL! WHOO HOO!!!

took loads of pix. b4 we left, in the car, in Eastin and on the way back. we go to Eastin like a few times a year and everytime we go we take idea for what but i'm telling u it's damn freaking fun! and this time we bought a tripod along. professionals we call it. PTAH!

i'm currently in a lazy mood to upload the pix to my multiply.
i~~ my comp's down (again) and i'm using my dad's which is slightly slower.
ii~~ it's 2.19 in the morning and i should b sleeping but i'm here doing nonsense...
iii~~ blady multiply's down...pfft

Image hosted by
first row standing~~cm, nat, *ahem*ME!
sitting~~mommy, daddy...


went to Metrojaya today. bought the top from Somerset Bay that cause rm109.00

so mi told me today:

'u spent almost 1k every month'
'chiseen!! where got so much?!!'
'are you sure? how many pre birthday and christmas presents do you have d?'

i give up. i did spend a lot. ;)

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