Saturday, September 9, 2006

and then i awoke

was supposed to be revising a little on media planning before dinner.
and before i knew it, i was dozing off, happily enjoying myself in slumberland.

it was a little vague at first. then i remember. i was in the kitchen with daddy and mommy.
and all of a sudden i remember mommy saying...
'yeah. we picked u up at a temple when u were a few months old. u were laid in a basket.'
i stoned. still thinking how come nat and i could still look so alike then di interrupted.
'better not tell anyone. u won't want anyone to look down on you.'

i opened my eyes, jumped out of bed and rushed out of room to tell mommy the freaky incident. she said...'so lame.'

p.s- dear dream,
i'm sorry. i promise i won't sleep again while studying.


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