Sunday, September 24, 2006


finally got the time...i the impulse to blog. so better do it before it dissapears and i forget everything about it jst like the post i should've done a week ago about my trip to qba and etc. pfft

MORE SOUVENIRS THIS TIME!!! bites all over my legs. my poor legs. it's so damn itchy i scratch and the blood vessels rupture leaving it all red and sore. and i have a few cuts and bruises from the island hopping trip and aching calfs. gleeeeeee...reminds me of the fun i had everytime i scratch. :D

air asia isn't that bad thou. bsides the boorish female pilot on the way there, the lack of aircond and very very unfriendly airhostess...for the price, it's all worth it. daddy fetched me to the LCCT airport that morning(20/9) and i anxiously popped the air sickness pill worried sick that i'll barf and humiliate myself. the female pilot can drive wei!!! took us jst 35mins instead of the full 45mins, travelling at 850kmph!!!!!

'pls put on ur seatbelts. we'll b descending shortly'. my legs shot up, i covered my ears, my eyes, my nose, my cheeks and prayed. the whole plane bounced like a basketball before it screeched to a halt. LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

drove around in 2 cars and stayed in an apartment good enough for those hk horror flicks. it was good. :D. first nite was just loitering on the streets in Kuah Town, buying liquor, checking out and comparing prices of liquor and drinking liquor. then, pasar malam and all.

i...was sober. cos...i was under antibiotics. THE SADDEST THING TAT COULD HAPPEN ON EARTH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

june, when u're drunk...that's it.

the next day started really early. i woke everyone up as i was the only one sober. i had no choice. :(

the yachts remind me of aberdeen.

**our pleated hair. thanx to karena.

2 secs after i threw the bait in, this bodoh fish was attracted by the smell of my fingers. :D

TASIK DAYANG BUNTING: kayaking and all water activities...with monkeys

they are suppose to bite of the dead skin on ur legs. :D

me and june. we plan to join the upcoming kayaking contest. confirm won't overturn. :D

another island. freeflow of barbequed prawns, crabs, chicken, meehoon(not bbqed), sate, the fish we caught and BEER!!!!!!!

the last time i was here, i was 12. the eagle looks very mch older.

YAY!!! FINALLY IT'S DONE!!!!!!! njoy.............:D

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