Friday, March 27, 2009

Laugh Out Loud

so one day the banana came home from work, she decided drown herself with a can of beer cos the frens were clubbing with the 'bf' and she was home partially working. hence...the emo sipped in again.

then all of a sudden, sumthing stupid (so shallow she doubted why he's still her fren) came up and she promised herself that the weekend is solely for party cos the dumb fren needs more exposure.

it's almost a 1 way communication cos she could only laugh at his words. mayb she was high.
after ONE can of carlsberg. -.-

so beginilah ceritanya: says:
please forgive this dumb boy here says:
i was so dumb until i dont know what is barcelona says:
when my khs friend asked me to go says:
i was like..FOR REAL says:
u wanna go to barcelona says:
ok, i will book the plane ticket says:
and kao tim the hotels says:
i know where to stay

so the boy that i thought had the most holy mind on earth, has been contaminated and overpowered...he's just agreed to cross over to the dark side and join the living dead.

clubbing is powerful.

therefore, Heineken, HERE I COME.
fuck work.

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