Sunday, March 29, 2009

the long overdue & the good and the bad

so since i'm uber bored on a slow sunday evening (AWESOME!! I LOVE BEING BORED ON A SUNDAY! honestly. i'm serious.), i shall update on the long overdue.

The Slasher @ HeadQuatrs, Jaya 1

seanseantan & px

budakevan-who-stole-my-stress-ball & px

jackie ze traffic, NINA!!! omg i love you. and i'll miss you.

werns. sean loves you. LOL

ahpek, seans, px

he's most probably the most hamsap woman i'll ever meet. EVER.

that's what i mean.

mooky, ivan, me no i'm fine, sean

sean, she-who's-refused-to-be-named-by-px, ahpek

vic aka zeboss, lin aka very goth, big head px

obviously we're sober. -.-

obviously he's sober as well.

tadaaa!! semua orang old and new, staying and leaving.


movies over the weekend are generally enjoyable.
SLUMDOG was freaking awesome. i agree. even if i could almost smell the dirt and poverty that was oozing throughout the entire was hawt! YAY!!!
they killed justin chatwin's career. /sedey.

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