Tuesday, March 17, 2009

erm...what's that again?

i had this very idea of what to blog about a moment ago.

as soon as the page completed it's process of searching and loading and displaying and getting all done and setup for me to start typing, it...

what was i trying to say...?

oh yes the idea of going thru stacks of fucked up photostated notes during uni scrutinizing all details with a cup of noni tea, highlighter and rachel ray running on tv the very day before my finals is wayyyy more exciting compared to what i'm going thru now.

with the brain almost failing on me, lids arduously fighting to stay apart and ruffled hair, still being at work makes me realize that the level of profanity that i can peak is amazing. i'm just trying to keep it really low. it's like i'm in a parallel dimension. it would really interest me to let it all out to the imbecile who has gone home, wrapped cozily in the arms of her loved ones and floating deep into slumberland.

u wait...u just wait. GAHHHHHHHH

whoever thinks that studying sux, come over here. px's dry hands have healed completely to give u that jumping kamehameha slap. and i'm giving you another chance to reconsider that statement before i execute a more massive stunt.


the creative director is playing feng tau songs.
with the state of my mind right now, it blends in perfectly.

px signing off ~

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