Sunday, March 8, 2009


and it went something like this...
'the moment you post the pictures u kehilangan satu kawan sejati'...
u actually think that's gonna stop me?
u thank god that facebook failed therefore the pictures were not loaded!!!
i guess it's a reward for your sin-less hours. WAAHAHAHA

so here goes.
dun hate me. i love the pictures i'm printing them out and plastering them on my walls.

snickers would be so proud. *sniff*

i luv u too babi. XD

1/4 of babi's face = 1 thumbee's head
mayb = 1/8 px's forehead. -.-

but there are the nice shots...

anyone noticed my huge ass boobies from this angle?

and then...our friendship ended.

mortified position

mou diu position

stuck-kao-in-the-middle position


end of story telling sesi. back to New Moon that i shamelessly admit i'm currently reading and Body of Lies. YES!!!

it's monday. sigh.

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