Monday, March 2, 2009

i'm updating...

just because i want to.

and also because my hair's wet and...

i'm watching vids of Twilight on youtube.


i didn't like the book. it's lame.

but it was interesting...somehow or rather.

it's where you can't stop flipping, holding your lids firmly apart, sacrificing ur invaluable sleep just to know if they pashed or if that sharp teeth, that i wished i had, sank into any skin draining the thick scented blood out of each other.

apparently not that dramatic.

i expected more.

but then i have a feeling i'd fall head over heels for robert pattinson just because he's a vampire after watching the movie.

YES if you're asking, i berum tengok. cos takde orang teman and takde masa.



i'm trying not to jinx it but i'm heading to chu hai in april.

and i'd be stopping at shenzhen...sum place i swore i'd never return.

ironically, i'm not only returning to the land itself, i'm even revisiting some of the rotten factories that i'd stopped by 4 years back.

holy mama

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