Monday, February 23, 2009

hey you!! love me!

Leong Pei Xzan needs a dose of her friends.
Just to pamper her and tell her that she is loved…which the natnat is already trying hard to do. XD

I jumped out of bed on a Sunday morning thinking I was late to work. Tripped over my phone charger, stepped on the box of strawberries where I accidentally laid on the floor after falling asleep unknowingly, and dashed out wondering why the parents nvr woke me knowing that I gotta work on a perfect peaceful Sunday. Maybe they were still mad at the unwashed bowls. *shrugs*

No it didn’t look right. It’s dark. Oh, what? Is it gonna rain? Cos if it is, it’ll be awesome. Sunday afternoon, can’t sleep, raining and gotta fucking work. Great!

Wait…No it’s not…it’s not only dark. It’s quiet. Wait wait wait…

I walked back to my bed, lifted my phone pretty darn close to my involuntarily opened eye, searched for the time and…

Oh…4.32am. -.-

Switched the lights that were nvr turned off previously, cos obviously I’d nvr planned to sleep while eating strawberries. Fell back asleep in…wat’s shorter than a micro mini second?


Bringing the randomness outa me again, there is a really cute pharmacist at the gardens, beside CIMB. He sold me difflam.

Anyone knows him please give him my number.

Thank you.

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