Monday, February 9, 2009

it's so not fun when...

u're alone and the office is dead quiet on a sunny public holiday.
and it's bad for someone whose imagination scampers like a stampede at the utmost improper moments. even worst when it turns out to be all for nothing...

*shakes head*

chinese new year ended up...not so fun either.
the auntie was admitted to the hospital with fluctuating blood pressure that scared the shit out of us. loads of unflattering comments regarding certain next of kins have been spreading like wildfire i just thank god we're not born into a family that sells abalone or mooncake in hong kong or else we'll be featured daily on the headlines.

but fuck it. it's the 15th today and i'm gonna lou sang until every damn thing turns out right to last for the nxt 200 years. and apparently pigs bring luck to ppl born under the zodiac sign of a TIGER which is yours truly so...

i have 8 of this in my room. no actually daddy placed them there cos...he thinks my life is bitter. XD
and dengan sedeynye, u know the season is ending when, u walk into the kitchen, u realize that:

the laat jiu beng is almost gone.

i shall learn how to make them myself and find an antidote to cure the heaty-ness that follows suit. hmph

on a brighter note, eng yi wen was back for...1 month and i oni met her the day before she left. *sad*. cos i have a bitter life remember? she's not changed and apparently, i've not too so it was all fun.

just in case you dunno, she's the longest in the pic.
THERE! u know rite? XD


digressing to random stuff, ah pek posted about tilt-shift technique and i almost got hexed looking at the effects but decided to try it out and does screw up the vision

wql thinks that it works.
i guess u're the oni 1.

obviously i was the one that manipulated her and placed her in that position.
and i guess she likes it. XD

oh and valentine's coming.
anyone wanna be my valentine?
no? i burn u then u know.

my bad. i hid them too well and forgot to use it for the season.
i shall set it all off at 1 go when i know the address to the client's residence.

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