Thursday, February 5, 2009

Read...At Your Own Risk

there's one sole reason why we need friends.
cos u're not related by blood, u're not bound together by force, ur grandmother doesn't hold a cane targeted at ur ass with u bending over her thighs telling u to love them cos u're siblings by nature...

but i love them.
cos they make me happy when my level of agony is at the utmost intensed state.

for example:
i was toking to miss faye here about braces and told her i've actually contemplated getting one.
she made sure her details were gruesome enough for me to picture myself having those metal plates yanking my mouth together...

kesimpulannye, i love my frens.
the following note is copied directly from her blog. i'm leaving the final sentence out thou, cos I DON'T THREATEN PPL U BLADY BITCH!!! I IS NO MORE DOING CHAIN TAGS!!! /BITE

And now is ur turn to write a post about appreciation. Yes, u are just TAGGED by me. YES, YOU la...the one reading my blog now~ (u know who u r, dont pretend never c this post). The object of appreciation is up to u but must be related to ur appearance....


fuck. i just read that it must be related to your apperance.
ok when i'm happy i smile.
when i smile i'm pretty.
therefore, i love my friends.
*stares at chong fei yin*

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