Tuesday, February 3, 2009

je suis misérable

when i mentioned i mite plunge into a state of depression a week + ago, THIS is the exact where moment the description was directed to.

it's so bad i'm fiddling with my toes (clean wan okay i just mandi) while churning for things to write cos i've been neglecting my blog and...i have no idea wat i wanna say!!

chinese new year's good despite being slightly woozy and lethargic during the first few days due to overworking of the old system from clubbing and shopping too much in a day...and that led to a depreciation of appetite so i did not gain so much i guess over the season. which also means, i will now, cos there are loads of leftovers as i'm the oni bandaraya that will whack them usually.

and i guess i was mentally stressed that i had only 2 new outfits to last throughout cny. distress.

and oh...my palms are peeling so badly it's like i've tattoed 3d white scattered islands on the globe. and i can't stop my other hand from yanking them out and in process hurting it a little. i is sadist.


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