Monday, April 10, 2006

eight hot!

had a very enjoyable weekend. went for 'Eight Below' with my parents.

reached damn early cos we booked our tics so we wanted to collect earlier. headed to Kenny Rogers for lunch then shop shop.

HEH!! got a huge gold bag and a tee.

'eh! i tot u wanted a gold belt?! how come ended with a gold bag?'

my sis always has sumthing to say when i buy sumthing. HAHAHAHAH!!! i bought the tee cos if i dun, the bag would cost rm79.90. if i buy a tee, i'll get a 30% off. blady shops really know how to do bisnes. i ended up buying a tee then.

bought a cup of hot milo and entered the very very small cinema no.16. first row, right in the middle. NICE SPOT!!

the show was so nice can die dot com. i practically started crying in the middle of the show when paul walker had to leave the dashing dogs behind. and considering it's almost a real story, the dogs are damn kao cham wei!!

not gonna elaborate. but everyone MUST go for the movie. MUST!! if not for the dogs, at least go for paul walker. he's so hot he can melt the eskimo and make 'the day after tomoro 2'.

my parents were so darn proud the so called lead dog star was named max. pfft...

Max- survivor and leader of the pack

Max- bitch of the house...but i still love her :)


everyone is not working so we're going for dimsum in the morning!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHHA...

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