Sunday, April 30, 2006

talking about shopping

i do shop.

a lot...

was in midvalley with daddy last nite and had sushi king. poor him. just because i wanted to eat he had to teman...:)

i dun buy much when i shop with di. it's always window shopping but then we have a great time together cos i get to hear all sorts of stories. another reason is he would be sitting outside while i spend my nice time looking at clothes. pity him. i rather not. walked the whole mv cos mommy was in tinhaukung supporting her friend who participated in a chinese opera performance.

bought accessories as usual again and a book from MPH. HANNIBAL. i've watched the movie and i expect the book to be as nice. haven't read for since Harry Potter and the 1/2 Blood Prince. I shall read again! WAHAHAHAH

saw a book by Martin Booth named GWEILO. i picked it up and saw the words...'Memories of a Hong Kong Childhood'. seeing the words Hong Kong, OF COURSE I STARTED READING!!

they had explanations of frequently used cantonese at the end of the book which really amused me, making me laugh, scaring everyone around.

chin- money
dai- big
dou- island
dai pai dong- roadside food stalls
nei hou ma- how are you?
gei duk to- christian....and the best was


WHOO HOO!!...but it was too expensive for a paperbag version. so daddy din let me buy. :(


woke up so early...2.30pm.

left for sg wang and bought a jacket, tshirt, jeansskirt (yes i got myself a skirt), and a pair of beach pants. the best thing about shopping with mommy...

try, fit, pay.



dinner at HOT MAMA again. tried the Nasi Pyramid. FUH! bagus giler babi.

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