Thursday, April 13, 2006

toking about friends...

most of my close frens have left malaysia...

one's in america
one's in australia
one's in russia

and one more is leaving to hawaii...which is also america la...pfft...

and i'm still here in malaysia. stuck in a university which i have to admit has lousy lecturers. not all. but in every sem, there's a weird wan. and that's bad enuff...

back to frens. i so miss the times we spent together. sum i oni became REALLY REALLY close b4 they left. sum i've known them since i was born...sum are not even from my school. but i love them all...

it just occured to me...i have...different types of frens.

friends where u can stay quiet but know exactly what they wan
friends that are miles away but still feel the bond
friends that seem so close but then there's an invisible gap
friends that do not differ from the enemies...oni the surface is left
friends u've just met...but know the relationship will last.

i have to agree that the pressure that i have to endure ever since i entered the university has increased tremendously. many things are much more complicated than i think they are. but at least i have my group of friends to turn to...other than my sis...and my family of course.

it's always during the exams when i have ridiculous posts like this that absoutely spoils the atmosphere of the theme of my blog. many things happened this sem. so many that si mou asked me to consult 'so man fung'...but i'm done with it. the holidays are coming and i can almost smell the air if XIAN!!! and my gals...unfortunately returning when my classes starts. toking about fate...pfft!

but the thinking of hanging out with them...without so refreshing. so refreshing...that i think i can plunge my ass back to my notes and stop emoing...HEH!!

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