Friday, April 28, 2006

3 fast 3 furious

slept at 5++ almost 6...hey! i was having fun...

woke up amazingly early at 11.

went for lunch at kopitiam with fei and soo yin...actually, i had a cup of juice cos i din bring enuff money back this week and most of 'the other' money went to the accessories and food that i plunged myself at last nite. so worth it!

was travelling happily along the cheras highway when suddenly this stupid huge truck overtook me and covered my beautiful view. i was kinda scared...due to inferiority of my petite car obviously. i was driving a kancil wei!! not even 1/4 of that bugger's size when all of a sudden...


blady hell...sumthing exploded and i saw pieces of rubber flying everywhere. i was so fucking scared i almost swerved out of the lane. NO CARS!! thank god...but i held the steering tight enuff and looked into the rear mirror. those big-car drivers must be scared too cos they were almost a mile away. i got hold of the situation...*claps*


reached home, set up my computer immediately, peeled and orange, turned on the aircond and i'm now enjoying the holiday.

*E noho me ka hau`oli.* ---Be Happy in Hawaiian

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