Monday, May 8, 2006

There and back Again by Melting Banana

i'm melting cos it's damn blady hot down here compared to Genting where i spent the weekend with the lovey dovey gals.

were supposed to follow lala and gang up but somehow they had sum complications and we were left to unearth the way up ourselves. the last time i went there was last year...can't remember when. but i was blady looking forward to this trip and WHOO HOO!! it turned out to be such a fantastic one.

it's even more interesting when u know u'd b on a cable car that's mythically said that its dangerous and etc. we had a joyous time camwhoring all the way.

KTM-Bus-Cable Car and POOF!...we were there.

me, leng and el chamwhoring in the bus, scene from the cable car and me and el in the cable car

it was cool. better than i expected. just mist and wind with sunlite but no heat. how nice.

headed to the Hainan Kitchen for lunch as leng remembered we had a spectacular feast the last trip me made...but it turned out to be rather dissapointing. but then no complains. ate, checked in to our rooms as my parents reached(they went so that we could have a room...cos the credit card holder that booked the room needs to be sweet of my parents...mwahhh!)...and our adventure began!

as there were sum not so adventurous ppl in the group, we decided to oni purchase the indoor tix. so we could ride what we wanted to and not vomit our organs out. but of course the first thing we did was to rock climb since i've been pestering like a baby before we even reached that we must do's definitely not easy...and i was friggin' scared! slipped and hung on to the stones with my meaty fingers oni...of course i wont put up humuliating pictures like that...but it was horrifying. it's like u could fall of the wall anytime and land on the ground dead. but after the first try i went for another. this time better. only ending up scarring my toes and muslce aches. *claps* =D

*spider-man banana climbing, finance fei climbing, me and leng, the survivors & the supporters

and then there was the flying coaster. we paid an additional rm10 for it. since the space adventure thing was fully booked, we shall try sumthing new. everyone should try...with an empty stomach. not much g-force but the 360 degree turn would b something worth trying. as we were lying on our stomach, our heads were so close to the turning points i could imagine myself smashing towards the steelbars if the cage went lose. WEEE!!!

went for the boring 3D motion master. they added water and a bruce lee shade to increase the effect. oni the chubby 5 year old kid was screaming beside me. i almost dozed off...pfft!!

we took the indoor baby coaster a few dozen times...screamed, sang, laffed, tried keeping mum...and bruising myself. i slouched myself too mch and my shin banged on the edge of the carriage...blady painful but who cares la...THEY DUN HAVE THE PICTURE TAKING THING ANYMORE!!! we used to pose as the camera flashes as the coaster takes a sharp turn. NO MORE!! HOW SAD!!!

they changed a whole new set of bumper cars!! they're cuter with 4 different colors (red, blue, green, orange), it's slower and it's mainly for kids. the children bumper car ralley closed apparently. and we were among a bunch of 127 tall children, feeling even more excited than they do. toking about being childish! WAHAHAHAHAH

Mission Impossible 3 at 1015. blady awesome. put ur brain at rest while watching. storyline sux. but it's entertaining. so tom cruise. *grins*

strolled in the COLD mist after that, snapping a few pictures where we were covered by big droplets of water...and we slept like pigs after.

woke for breakfast the following day at breakfast. obviously it was free. everyone rushed for food like they've never eaten. so we joined in and had a heavy wan. HAHAHAHA! met up with lala and gang for a short while, snapped pictures for them as cmy, bLok and ahpoh tried the flying coaster and we left. ( leng's spoilt-shutter camera)

the journey down was terrible.

Cable Car-Bus-Lrt-Ktm-Yinng's Merc-Daddy's Kembara

and how spectacular. reached home, poof again!! electricity went off. yay...


**more pix here

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