Tuesday, May 30, 2006

China Continues...

3rd Day
Location: Error
(but it's either in LokYeung of ZhengZhau. Approximately 4hours drive away from Xi'an...been to too many places here and there. lost count. teehee!)

The Dragon's Gate (briefly translated from loong moon sek fat...there are a million buddha sculptures carved on the cave itself)

The entrance overlooking a really serene pond. there's a really beautiful temply opposite but it can't be seen)

The first cave

the peak. reminds me of the buddha where they used to film 'storm-riders'. damn damn huge.

The tomb of Lord Kwan

His tomb is situated behind the temple. it seems oni his head was found and the whole tomb is a whole big hill. he's potrayed as a red-faced man because the color of courage is RED. he's one brave warrior so he's known as the red-faced lord.

the tomb. my dad was so proud he visited the tomb. it seems he was a really great hero.

Dowager Empress' Dinner
8 starters, 24 main courses. siao!

Starters...Mainly sour. including rabbit's meat. but it was really good. There was chinese wine too. Burnt my throat...and i oni sipped!!!

The first dish. dunno what it was...but it tasted good. HAHAHAH

next: favourite day...

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