Thursday, June 1, 2006

Favourite Day

this is no doubt one of my mostest favourite days in china.
we needn't get up that early. morning call was 7 i guess. i had tau foo fah for breakfast!! the steaming hot, smooth, bouncing beancurd was like heaven when i saw it on the buffet table. :)
the journey was quite long wan so i had a really good sleep on the bus. and our destination was Shaolin Temple. PERFECT!! (althou i was stuck in the bus alone without the engine and a/c on...cos i was asleep while everyone went to the base of the temple to ease themselves. and no1 actually expected the bus driver to lock the bus door. AHHHH!!)

Location: Shaolin Temple

The base of the martial arts compound. it's a city itself in fact. it's so so big u can never reach one end from the other walking...for me lah of course. it seems the monks used to collect water from the base of the temple and run up to the mountains called 'sung saan' to practice kungfu. no wonder ancient people could fly...TEEHEE!!

monks that passed away were cremated and when they reach a superior level after many many years of practise, they leave bhind sumthing called 'seh lei ji'. and the 'seh li jis' are kept bhind those bricked walls.

OOO!! syok giler babi looking at this people fly everywhere. this merely 7 years old.

The finale. fantastic performance. *claps till hands soar*

i went frantic when we were allowed to take pictures with them. they serious. and the kids in front, had to stand like that for 20 minutes, just to allow us idiots to snap a photo with them. entertaining us...damn layan.

**Not oni the place was good. the food was equally good. thou vegetarian, it tasted damn damn good. and u can add on watever u wan. no limitations. fuh!

Location: Tit Tap (Metal Pagoda...Hehe)

i love this pic...because i snapped it.
the pagoda is supposed to be senget. cos wind from the Yellow River blows strongly every year and as time goes by, the pagoda is pushed and pressured, making it lean to it's right. and the best thing is, it's not even made of metal.

it's sumthing like wood. ancient people improvised. they mixed honey(mug nga tong) and wood and stuck pieces together and built a pagoda, 13 stories tall. 3 stories burried. and it lasted hundreds of years. so brilliant.


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