Tuesday, June 13, 2006

u can't get me u know

i've had low times...

so low it's painful thinking how bad things have become.

how it has evolved...unfortunately, not for the better.

but it has forewarned me once again since secondary high that things are just not as simple as i wish to be. no one in this freaking world besides those whom u grew up with can provide you with proper security and trust.

i might have problems myself. no...not might, i have. but i definitely tried striving hard enuff to adapt to the situation however the way i should in order to lessen the damage. have you?

i'm proud to mention i still have people around me that supports me and most importantly, know what i've been through. cos part of them struggled along. do you have?

and it blessed us sumthing.

it made us grow.



applause to what i've written up there. YAY! like i've said many times before, my posts kenot be too cheesy. it's not cheesy but erm...it's serious. and it doesn't suit the theme of my pretty blog. TEEHEE!

but then after speaking to linda, i had this urge to write. and so i did. i mite not be a good writer, sometimes swearing here and there and errors there and here when i dun read back...but i'm glad i can express what i want. who cares if anyone understands. as long as i do. HAH!

**i shall really update on the last 2 days of my China Trip. HEH!

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