Friday, June 9, 2006

China Again...Makes Me Happy

the post before spoilt the whole mood. so i updated this one FAST!

Location: Imperial Palace

There are actually 4 other cities below the existing city now. as dynasties passed, floods covered the city and through research, the intelligent ppl rebuilt the entire palace at the exact spot. just a layer above each time.

the way in is damn damn long...and there were 2 lakes each side. on the left was the Yeung Family Lake and on the right, Justice Bao Lake.

from the peak. the lakes...

the performance in the palace. but i couldn't really understand. heh!

Location: Justice Bao's Home

Actually, Justice Bao's face like Lord Kwan isn't black. it's just that the color of steel is black. and in chinese, Justice Bao is 'teet min mou si' which literally means damn kao fair/honourable. WAHAHA! so he's potrayed BLACK.

Justice Bao. he's about my height and non of the officials liked him because he was favoured by the king. everyone tried to overshadow him and remove him from the sight of the emperor. but being a CHINESE emperor, hehe, he made a long 'cap' for Justice Bao. whoever touches the edges of the 'cap' would be beheaded. and from then on, Justice Bao was frontline everytime a royal meeting was called.

Location: Museum

Mostest boring place on earth. *pengsan case*...but then chinese instruments performance was good.

The main entrance...dunno what it stands for...

After 2 hours of walking aimlessly looking at...historical artifacts, this was so damn damn good. instruments from all the different dynasties!

Location: Yellow River

Daddy...was damn happy. he even took a bottle of the riverwater home. but it was all worth it. the river was...mind-blowing.

The air-bus we took. can travel on both land and water. geng!

i look like an idiot. cos i was so freaked out when the horse started walking...and the guide was looking at the camera!!!!! imagine if it ran into the river...*pengsan case*

the widest area is the length of 'kajang to kl'...can't remember how many km...HEHE

**not much left...will do it in another post though...:)

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