Saturday, June 10, 2006

quek quek!

woke up kinda early. was supposed to do sumthing but needn't do in the end.

had breakfast with the parents...hadn't done it for such a long time it was so so so so nice doing it. i shall wake up earlier on sundays. heh!

while having breakfast, daddy started bringing out stories of how good i was in math back then when i was still a kid.

The Orange Story

once upon a time, the father used to cut an orange for the sister and the baby after lunch. the sister would get 1/2...the baby would get a quarter and the rest will b taken by himself. but the quarter was sliced into 8 small pieces(which is like...damn damn small) cos the baby mite just choke like a cow if a bigger piece was given.

as the baby grew older, the father tot she should get the other 1/2 as well. and since she was able to chew better now, he sliced the 1/2 of the orange into 6 pieces instead of 8(of a quarter mind you) the father placed the plate in front of the baby and there goes...


and the father, knowing the baby would grow up to be a math genius, sliced each piece of the 6 into 1/2, making it 12 pieces questions asked.

moral of the story: size doesn't matter.


i get more and more stories of how silly i was when i was younger. mayb if the stories were not about me, i would find it hillarious.

'mommy...look at the cowSES'.

i had plural in my phrases. how proud my parents were of me. :)


later part of the morning...(so proud it's morning. usually it's evening when i wake up)

switched on the tv and watched d3: the mighty ducks.

still the best movie.

the duck trilogies have entertained me well throughout my school life.

i can still remember part of the script...mainly by josua jackson and emilio estevez cos i found them so charming on the ice.

and when EE said...'remember when u touch the ice, it was Hans who taught us how to fly'...high giler babi.

damn damn touching can pengsan dot com.

please go watch. it's by disney. so can guarantee it's worth watching. can't catch it on tv call me. i have all the 3 vcds. original version. no charges. thank you. :)

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