Friday, June 9, 2006


u only have less than 36 hours in a week spent at home.

even worst when u come home and try to relax but still bound by endless aggravations that ends up making u weary.

but u can't sleep early. consumes too much time. sleep comes best when u have nothing to look forward for...when u do not know how to pass ur time.

but of course it's different when u sleep at your own sweet home.

BUT THEN now u can't enjoy it as much cos time passes so quickly and when the day passes, u'd have to face the commotion all over again.

i'm glad i have weekends to look forward that i can get my freaking ass back home...away from all weight.

but some whom i know of can't. pity them...tsk tsk tsk

i fucking hate being away from home.


i love blogging.

and i shall continue with the China Posts. :)

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