Thursday, July 20, 2006

pump it! pump it!

it mite sound disgusting.
actually it looks disgusting unless it's done by a professional. but hell!! i enjoy it!! :D

paid rm25 for a trial month at fitness first and started it off last week.
did some ab-king pro work(thou i have one at home), cycling and treadmills. but the best is still BodyJam and BodyPump. FUH!! shake giler babi...mirrors everywhere...i try to blindfold myself. but just looking at the instructor is good enuff. A LADY mind u. petite malay lady which superb dancing skills. very hot! very modern...very sexy! WAHAHAHAH

i'm starting to miss it already. 2 more weeks and ciao to ff. walking in alone is yeng wei....but rm160 per freaking month? madness.


done with another assignment. 3 more coming up. pengsan...

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