Thursday, July 6, 2006

one down, countless more to go...

we successfully handed in the Newsletter today.

hell of a job. lacking so much sleep the oil blots on my forehead have no more place to grow. popping up like daisies! I WANT MY SKIN BACK!! erm...i shall not disclose here as my beloved mama reads my blog and i can foresee myself getting sumthing slightly more lessen than spanking. *grins*...can't remember how many more to go. basically cos everything's 1/2way done and it seems the weeks are just flying pass. it's already the 8th week since my sem started. 8 FREAKING WEEKS! grrrrrr...

it's 'CREDIT 20 Bday EVE!!!' shall b heading sumwhere for a small meal and then movie and then jalan jalan for a celebration and at the same time, toasting b4 she leaves for hawaii. haih...why hawaii? OF ALL PLACES MST GO SUMWHERE WITH SUNSHINE, SEA, RUM, PANCAKES AND LAZY PPL!! TATS A PLACE FOR ME!!! MMMMMEEEE!!!!

got a clip from lynn...about these japanese restraining themselves from laughing while watching another jap speaking english. hilarious really!! and check out the jap that got spanked the most. check out his teeth...HOT!!!

Jap English

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