Wednesday, July 12, 2006


on a fine monday evening after i woke up feeling utterly distressed about the lost of france to italy, i started checking all my mails in every different account. i have basically, 4 accounts including the yahoo wan. hey! i have a different task for the each of them, savy?!

then as i opened one of them, i saw a mail from Golden Screen Cinemas. there wasn't any topic and it was written by Shaniz. usually, i'd delete it. but that day sumhow i clicked on it and HOLY COW!! I WON 2 TIX TO THIS SATURDAY MORNING'S PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST!!!! wicked...

the other night during dinner i was telling nat,

"can u pls join the pirates contest on gsc for me? i never have that type of luck."

and poof! i got it...the last time i won sumthing from gsc year ++ ago. it was a doraemon watch and it never it came to me. and as i was so darn desperate to catch the woolie captain jack sparrow on big screen, i had to win it! HOORAY!!

and even better, i was supposed to have advertising copywriting's midterm that very day. AND IT'S POSTPONED!!! pirate luck. heh!

so considering i have been such a jackass friend, not picking her from the airport and not celebrating bday with her, i have decided to bring Chin Woon Fui Linda along with me!! ;D...told her on the spot i got the mail.

"u got 2 tix? u're bringing me??"

pfft...makes me look so terrible wei.

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