Saturday, July 1, 2006

Eastin again...England Loses

early celebration for daddy's bday cos it'll b on a weekend and it'll be damn mafan for me to come back or go anywhere for celebration. pfft...i say...i come back everyday so that i dun have to stay there. it's a short distance anyway.

ANYWAY, had a fantastic dinner. left early so that we could come back for the match(sobs!) therefore we ate like mad!!!

thai food, local, itallian, french, chinese, malay, india, blah blah blah. never ending. stuffed ourselves until we could no longer move. mention food...pengsan case...!! but it was really lovely.


damn no mood. say what u wan about me knowing football or not. i still love England.
and no matter who they are against, i still love them.

they fought till the very end and...I'M SO DARN PROUD OF THEM!!! *bawls!!!*

red card rooney 2006, red card becks 1998...same referee...tiu la!

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