Monday, July 24, 2006

leonardo wilhelm dicaprio

i had 2 beautiful movies.
1 is not so beautiful after all but i like the setting and it reminds me of when i was in standart 6.
the other one is so beautiful i still cry everytime i watch it.

the first is Shakespeare's: Romeo and Juliet, and the 2nd, The Man in the Iron Mask...

both leonardo dicaprio's. i remember how crazily i was over him when i was younger. i even know his freaking full name!!! eh...i'm proud of it ok? right until this moment i still think that he's one lovable actor. considering he was only 22 when he did 'romeo and juliet' and 19 in 'what's eating gilbert grape', he's awesome.

i had 3 HUGE posters of him in my bedroom...which i think if i have them now i mite have nightmares everynite...then i had this donald duck exercise book of all his pictures and magazine cuttings...his interviews, movies blah blah blah. and i have almost all of his movies...those available in malaysia like 'marvin's room', 'romeo + juliet', 'wat's eating gilbert's grape' and etc. but they're all lying sumwhere underneath the rotten wardrobe in the store. :D

and from 'wat's eating gilbert's grape' i knew that johnny depp was the pale-faced, tiny-mouthed gardener, edward in 'edward scissorhands'!!! omg...i miss it so much.


carin's party was great. haven't barbequed for sum time. dun really enjoy it cos it left us all with super rosy + oily cheeks. too bad linda wasn't there. the mom cooked for her. should've went to her house instead. pfft! but considering everyone is leaving so soon...i'd attend even if i know i'll b poured with acid.


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