Wednesday, July 19, 2006

kelelam...lam piki piki, lam minchi minchi

i have no idea what it means.
but it sounds hilarious and i still laff everytime i watch the clip in youtube. check it out if u want to.

Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest


i got a mail the day before basically asking me to cut down on the frequent swearing on each post. cos it mite not leave such a good impression on the employers when i'm about to work in the future. and mind you, this is the statement given by sum1 high ranking from the human resources' department.

but then i was thinking...why would i tell my boss that i have a blog? that would minimize the chance of me bitching about anything and everything i want to. and i do not have any profile in the blog stating who the hell i am...*bsides PX here and there which i dun think many people know what it means*.

it's not the norm for people to swear. but it's a norm for people to think that swearing is not such of a big problem. especially when i oni do it in blogs. if i walk around the streets yelling 4 letter words then THAT would b a huge problem. and i seldom post. like...once in 2 weeks? which means 2 posts per month???!! one or 2 swearings in every post...sumtimes none...;~#

i dun know how many people read my blog. at least i know a few listed in my banana's list do. i did not force them to read. they know me more thru reading and i'm glad they do. i feel comfortable stating what i want and i do it, but also making sure it's alrite doing it. i was raised that way and i'm proud of it. ;D


i need to read. i need to read a whole lot!!! my english is deteriorating, running down the drain. it's hard for me to express myself and it took me a whole nite to write 3 paragraphs for my assignment. not good...NOT GOOD!!! throw me a book sum1. i have yet to buy Gweilo. i still wanna read it a lot. I WANT IT!! I WANT MANY THINGS!!! BUY ME THE THINGS SUM1!!!

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