Sunday, July 9, 2006


20's bday party was nothing but fun. everyone went chaotic, there was ribena, coke, 7-up and rum. there was steamboat, vegetarian hotdogs, cakes, fishballs...and the list goes on.

saw many people...those that came back from america, those tat will be going to america, those from russia, australia...holy moly(tag-suelynn)!!! i'm still in malaysia. :)

it was such a pleasant day...continuous laughter, screaming...and siao-ness.

pix not up. no idea when it'll be up. i just have 3 pix of the crazy boon heng in paperhat. pfft

***the dilemma comes in. there's football final tonite. i have class tmr. darn!

if i were staying alone, it'll b a holiday for me classes...just pure sleep in day.

but cos i'm at home, there's daddy, mommy, and nat to settle. most prob i'll sleep at 1+ and get my ass to class tmr. how blady sad.

to make everyone happier, let's look at the happy paperhat boy!!

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