Monday, December 29, 2008

to a better year...cheers

the year's drawing so much to an end and it made me wonder what a year 2008 has been to me. of course i've had my share of miserable moments but the traces of memories that flashes past my heedless mind puts a smile to my fatface and makes my day.

i guess i'm ready for the new year. *pops confettis*

To the heartwarming memories *raises glass*; (i'm such an alcoholic).

- i've finally learnt to accept the fact that my university life has come to an end after 4 pleasant years lazing my way thru with 2 handful and more of my mates that will contain a part of my heart for the rest of my life

- i fulfilled my dreams and became a mermaid in the deep waters of tioman

- i finally went to bangkok to prove the others right that u can actually return to tanah melayu with a new fashion-filled luggage bag

- i've abandoned my SLK for my sleak myvi.

- i had a brief interaction with clayton cheung. LALALA

- i embraced a new member to the family...and got occasionally harassed from then on
or rather, i harassed? XD

- i received my first ever payslip (intern tak kira)...had an arduous time as a rookie and decided to stay put to fight on despite another really impressive offer

- i lost buckets of tears sending the once baby of the family to another realm of her life.

- i was admitted to the hospital for viral fever

ok apparently the last quarter didn't seem too promising but they don't appear to bother me so it shall just stay on the list as a solid reminder to the peanut that life's not gonna be as easy but we'll come thru it. *raises glass again*

Happy New Year everyone!
May it be a good one.

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