Friday, January 2, 2009

hello two thousand nine

i thought it was about to end in a mess...
ok it did...but it was a blissful mess. O.o

if you all did pay attention to all the facebook and shoutouts and previous posts, u'd all know how desperate i was to have a adventurous, exotic and smashin' party while bidding our last goodbyes to 2008. and its either the party poopers have all died out in everyone OR...we were all just plain lazy. i was really hoping we could drive to PD and reach the beach right smack at 12, jump off the car, pop a can of beer and scream out to the dark splashing beach. FAIL. we all ended up at my long UNinhabited apartment.

i was warned that it's terribly filthy there mite b cobwebs hanging off the roof, ur legs mite be stuck to the ground from the muck and a swarm of bats could emerge. so yinng, faye and the bf decided to head there for a little clean WHILE I...being the bitch, had my new year's dinner with ze family @ equatorial. no pictures. forgot. too attached to the chocolate fondue and stuffed turkey. XD

unfortunately, we missed the countdown.
thanx to intelligent beings that decided to fiddle with the remote control despite harsh warnings. turned back, fireworks were up in the air, crowd was cheering and we...


tsk tsk...oh and apparently the time zone for tv2 and tv3 is different. fail. FAIL!!
we had our own little countdown...and we proudly sang the national anthem...(am i gonna get a datukship for mentioning this? XD)...

for more pictures...erm...
go facebook. and tag urselfs. i malas...

i'm now nothing so that time passes slower before the weekdays begin and marks the end of all holidays. *emo*

gentle reminder to the peanut. WORK STARTS AT 9.45am EVERY MONDAY. LATE COMERS WILL BE FINED RM50. someone wind the alarm clock please. thank you.

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