Friday, January 16, 2009


have you ever heard of the superficial symmetry of a human's mind that allows us to differentiate between left and right? open and close? <>? clockwise and anti-clockwise and etc? well, to be honest, i think my brain's everything but symmetric but i'm quite proud to say that i can at least significantly tell the differences of the above mentioned.

ok natnat, u can save commenting this post because I CONFESS! when i was still bearing the ugly L on the windsreen of my car, instructions to put the left signals always ended up going --> and right signals <--.

-.-`...calm down, calm down everyone. it's all fine now. got that fixed. i'm just road blind now thats all. my only problem is, i have trouble differentiating:

u know how mumble's dad (from happy feet) dropped him when he was an egg and he grew up with a severe disability? mommy said i was wrongfully neglected by her and my head was found trapped in btween 2 cushions as a baby. i do believe i whacked sumthing and it affected the growth of a small portion of my brain to differentiate the icon btween a male and a female. ONLY ICONS OKAY.

mayb they shud add a dick there. XD

anyway, i accidentally walked right into the male lavatory, twice. and no, stop laffing i DID NOT do it on purpose. as much as i wanted to, i do not like the idea of a bangla cleaner chasing after me with a mop. so...i'm pleading u all out there, to please teman me to the toilet the next time we have an outing together.

can't you see how my randomness is getting to such an ultimate level? it's 3.25am, i'm just done with work and am waiting for the 2 chicken wings and remaining famous amos crumbs to digest before i hit the sack and sleep until the sun sets.

and to a certain someone, i truely hope that you will forgive me for my apathetic behaviour. no one will ever understand how bitter i felt for throwing such words to you. your fate will change when the clock strikes the exact hour and you shall read this message thanking me for all i've tried to do. *jiggles eyesbrows*

i is laps u.

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