Monday, January 19, 2009

one, toot, tweet...

fot, fai, sik, seh-weng, egg, naing...

sorry but it's late i need to work so i shall skip the numbers. you is old and u know how many numbers i'd have to go thru to reach ur age. LOL!!!!!!!...just kidding.
anyway, the weekend was power cos:

1) i lou-sanged (yes it becomes my staple diet during this season. very important.)
2) it has to be one of those planned parties that gave me the most sense of accomplishment
3) i made sum1 cry. THE HILARITY!! *smiles with glee*


the story began with a gal with racing, enthusiastic blood pulsing in her veins, asking her kawan baik what she wanted to do for her bday. and with much disgust, she was slammed in the face with a monotonous...'dunno...malas'

party planners dun take that for an answer so...ok la! i pran. and u face the consequences.

sounds interesting?


i had the worst week of my life wondering occasionally how miserable kawan baik must have felt when no1 initiated to party with her (after she began to realize her bday was drawing near) and her invitation for a posh nite out even got declined, for sum other unknown 'pre-planned event' that garnered my interest instead. i wanted to make it more exciting by asking...'WHY MAKAN?' when she proposed the idea but i couldn't bring myself to do so. why be kind hearted.

anyway, there were minor hiccups but the tears were PRICELESS LA SAYANG! PRICELESS!!! worth all those sleepless nights and money spent on phone *cough* calls *cough*. next year we makan baik sikit okay. u act surprised la since i've already mentioned it here. XD

See how last year's post was really cheesy here. dun wan k this time. dun suit my hairstle to go that mushy. XD. so i shall sum it up.

Happy Birthday Low Yinng Yinng. Remember you have been demanded to keep my birthday message for 1 year until the nxt one i send. even if you change your phone. XD


I know you love me. just keep it low ok. nanti orang jeres. :)

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