Sunday, January 11, 2009

it took a year...

it was approximately a year ago where i had little nightmares of accidentally cutting my hair so short i'd freak myself out and fall outta bed. it took me 1 freaking year to be mentally and physically prepared to chop it off, despite receiving 90% negative feedback later. XD. well people, it was an auspicious day to head to the salon and the catch was really inviting so..let's see how true it is. lolol

anyway, it's been aweful everysince the new year typically on sundays, where id' have to sit and fret that the sun's setting, and suddenly it's time for bed, and another brand new week which means 5 fucking days in the office starts all over again. there's no excitement, there's no challenge and there's nothing to look forward to...besides lunch...and sumtimes meeting up with the ex-colleague (yes sean u...XD). oh and not to forget also, the bestEST time arrives when the clock strikes 7/8pm daily where i officially get to switch the damn sloth that sits on my table and drive home...sumtimes later than that, shut up!

the hormones' been acting up.
i can't wait for CNY...
i just wanna see the faces of my family and friends more...not sum chicken that shoves their asses into ur face when they can't clean up their own poo.
the divider is definitely not high enuff to filter someone's atrociousness.
and it will never will no matter what.


digressing, can i take leave on monday for golden globes?
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AND I APPLIED FOR MY FIRST EVER LEAVE!!! RAWRR!! i have 1 week for myself and my yue saang, kuih kapits, shandy, rum, pineapple tarts, chilli chips, chick floss, kepingan ayam bakar, crazy family members, screaming, gambling sessions, lousy cny movies, calories and even more calories. YUMMY!!!
this thought, totally made my day. AHHH!! so any plans to shed the buggers off shall only be commencing after the...*starts counting*...10th february. YES!

*runs off to watch*

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