Thursday, December 11, 2008

Japs Oh Japs...

was the writer deprived of late night outings?
would be nice if jamie chung plays mamak.
*inside joke*

this post is so random.
but i just wanna say i've NOT watched twilight and i'm yearning for it.
and i have this feeling i'm gonna fall so deeply in love with the lame, pale, vegetarian vampire.
still can't believe they termed them vegetarian. ptah!

------------------------------ me how technology works these days.
you know how some phones are so awesome they just work exactly like an amplifier?
oooh laaa nice no need radio jst on my phone and press play. or even better! i set it as ringing tone let it ring ring ring so everyone knows i so power got nice phone and awesome song!!

seriously, nobody wants to know from which prehistoric period u got that aweful tone. i dun think it's even playable on a gramophone. and i seriously believe that calculator-like device of yours has a SILENT MODE so can't you just fucking move your limp fingers, mute it like many other considerate being and...please for mother of all gods, dun sing along. 2 landslides in a month is bad enuff.


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