Friday, December 19, 2008

hello asian

BLISSSSS is how i describe my friday nights.

it usually ends with me falling asleep 1/2way thru a new dvd of the week but...apparently i left them in the car and was left with no choice but to watch watever was running on the tv. so i fiddled thru the channels and WooooT!

looks spicy kan?!?!?! kal penn summore! tot it was gonna be hilarious. ended up bawling at a mooviee filled with currrrrry and sarrrrrinda (emphasize on the Rs pls)...and dahj mahalll.

and it got me some of us are already all of it these days. no i don't blame u if ur ma or pa or gramma or grampa said that speaking english and be as angmohfied as possible is better for your blood but...fold that piece of information and tuck it into ur own pocket...and dun bring it down to ur next generation.

i've met ppl (erm i seriously wanna name him here but er...he doesn't read my blog so fuck it) that thinks that he's pure super power just because he gets to pronounce the word GATTACA in a twisted manner IE ge-tey-ca...which ironically, i found out later that he's totally wrong.

'ello? malaysia? speak...human. thank you'.

yes i hold grudges. bite me! but i dun like being corrected in certain ways, especially by such a dufus.

no, dun interrupt first. i'm not applying this to everyone. i'm just saying this cos it triggered my thoughts on how some people can despise the language when they dun even understand shit about it. lemme tell you this, it's a special aptitude to be able to express urself in alternative ways. i picked up mandarin during uni and i've gained more than u can ever measure. so before you start degrading other people because they shove in their LAs and MAs and cibaikias into their sentences, start thinking about what u've lost...

like...Kungfu Panda in cantonese. /slap

i wished i could shoot this piece right smack into his face. but when he's not so annoying he can be pretty charming. sigh...after all, 1/2 of the blood that runs in our veins do match genetically. i shall keep keep my mouth shut and fingers working.

and no i shall emphasize that i'm not hitting at english speakers. it's just this particular being that irritates the shit outa me...sumtimes. and i also admit that i don't watch taiwanese shows cos i can't stand their accent. XD



the picture does not do justice. and the yellow ones...are supposed to be corn flavored. maciam telur kan. they any other rice balls. -.-

i'm gonna pan fry them tomorrow. they mite be stuck and i'll end up burning everything but...yeah wish me luck. XD

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