Saturday, December 13, 2008


I can foresee myself being clouded throughout the entire weekend. Reason being:

1) Can anyone tell me exactly why is it that when i type in i'm led to the google portal? -.-

2) Why does the puzzle all fall in place ITSELF though untouched like...WHAM! even when I've decided to just toss it aside and not meddle with it anymore? -.-`

3) Why do all parties come together in the same day? And every party has their own engaging prospects. T.T

I suddenly feel as though I've plunged into this indecisive cave that even choosing my own lunch on whether I wan chicken head or chicken drumstick would be a backbreaker. I'm really being a fat bitch for complaining that I have more positions offered to me at this point. But why la come after I've made up my mind to stay...and worst of all - the offer is inviting. goddamn inviting. *whacks head*

It's like u're super full from dinner and have decided that ok it's time to put the fork down and suddenly, the chef comes out of nowhere and shoves a tub of chocolate fondue packed with strawberries and marshmallows and tells u...'TAKE IT! TAKE IT!' (indian accent) then BOOM! explode for being overfed like a goldfish. no actually, i dunno if the prospects are promising OR overwhelming over at the new place definitely is something i'd prefer doing compared to retarded client servicing. and for toppings, u can choose between a douchebag boss or a complete freak-ass who sings lke the cuckoo of the unwound hanging clocks. perfecto~

BUT, i wan to be part of sumthing prestigious...sum state-of-the-art project that has skyrocketting results. which i dun think movies like mandagascar can provide that satisfaction. NOT with that...'I LIKE TO MOOBIT MOOBIT *shakes ass*'. might as well just really move it, dig a hole and die.

can i just put on my sleeping cap and hit the sack until sum1 pays me at least rm3k? i'll leave. no questions asked. sigh. xmas party was good. it dun feel so left out. yay (monotonous due to the confusion that's restricted the mechanism my voice box)

babi jgn jeres. :D

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