Saturday, December 27, 2008

losing track

of the dates.
ok it's sunday but oh well it's been sunday since the past few days and i'm njoying the savor of it. and i haven't been sleeping in just in case you were wondering. made full use! POW!

and i made a mistake.
i was in seremban for a night.
sigh...all the way and back. just for that few teeny weeny hours.
it was fun nonetheless.

was uber late and reached there like what...9?!
to miraculously find out that i left my green christmasy top at home, lying pathetically well ironed (no i flattened it with a stack of clothes actually) on my chair.
so i wore my swim suit...and wearing swimsuits DO NOT WORK out of kl.

i stink i know.
my hair's aweful...i took 15 mins to freshen up aka BATHE AND MAKEUP hence...the horrendous overall appearance...*silence*...can i cry? T.T

i shall skip the dinning part. their onion soup rox thou...i had 3 bowls WOOT. had alco sent back to the room so that we could complete the countdown ritual. HOTNESS! we just screamed...and played cards. i think i lost rm3. hmph

i shared my bed with pinkie pie (no i did not name her that it was written on her ID...and yes i brought her along for the trip).

we swam the next morning. i repeat - MORNING. sacrificing the holy sleep for this:

is all worth while. XD

i'm approximately 3.2 tones darker...and the sun was barely peeking thru the silver clouds. EVERYONE GO GREEN!! SAVE THE WORLD. anyway, left late afternoon for sum to-die-for crabs.

dry those saliva. WE SHALL GO AGAIN!!!!!!

i'm so kewl!


Ip Man is so good, i'm buying everyone tickets to watch it.

just kidding. XD. go buy and witness urself saying...'OMFG PX IS RITE! LETS WATCH AGAIN' the moment the credits appear. and i'm convincing sum1 to lemme 'teman' watch the third time. WOOT!

hello honey. stress face from swimming too much. XD

i'd be blogging more but before that, ANYONE WITH PLANS FOR NEW YEAR?!?!?! call me.


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