Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary

the power you had drove me right into you
the promises you made had me lust like a fool
i struggled and wretched; you had my mind pierced through
i could've turned my back but...i convinced myself,
too soon darling, too soon

and then i saw a glimpse of light
that thrusted me to an augmented height
it lifted the sorrows and restored the smiles
i see the future, i do...hopefully down infinite miles
now we shall travel the winding roads
hand in hand until the love within unfolds


happy 3rd month anniversary.
just gip me the fucking confirmation letter, will you.
and oh! my increment! /smack

if you were wondering what the glimpse of light is, i think its the olympus fe-20.
yeah im cheapskate. XD

2 more days till christmas.

hello koala anne!

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