Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seramat Hari Natal

the peanut and family is reaving to allson kelana resort after umteen years!!!
omg i is so happy i feel lke a jakun. *jumps in squares*
i love that place...cos it has the bestest high tea and they chose me as the winner of an art competition. i swear i did not throw any spells. i just won.
ok i came in second but...who cares. i just wanna brag. XD

the holidays begin in...approximately...
erm wait need sum counting...
i think...
wait could it be? omg i can't believe it...IT IS!!!
15-16 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn long. -.-

which alternately means that i'll be work, clients and jr free for the nxt few days!! WHOO HOO!!

and my very neglected swimsuit comes into good hands...very very good hands.
shud i get a ducky float? XD

Happy Christmas everybody!
And to all that will be partying without me, dun do anything too adventurous okay? WAITS FOR MEEEEE!!!

Happy 1st Christmas Chubby! *wet smooch*

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