Sunday, December 7, 2008


i reread my last post of the previous year and realized i convinced myself that i shall not make anymore resolutions as it usually ends up unfulfilled or...i just don't even remember making them at the first place. yes if you do not know already, i'm pretty oblivious and it's been like that eversince...erm...yeah ends there.

i'm diverging. this declaration shall now only consist of one matter and the only matter that has been circulating my life profoundly that needs severe consideration. yes la crever! one big smooch on ur big arse if u gave a shot at the loathsome noun - work.

and no, althou the fact that i've finally began to be able to think like a being that's undergone a full development in the growth of the mind and soul (besides my absurd liking for ponies and candies and cartoons and...many other things made for human no taller than 60cm) does not mean that i have passion for the job that i'm currently doing. i'm giving myself time. hope. encouragement and hopefully a stint of motivation from the external sources, that the service i'm currently attached to is gonna last me a while before i mentally burn out and decay into a pot of silvery ashes.

and if all hopes are defined, *fingers flexibly & tightly crossed* i hope to be in for the next awards, not knowing if i ever could with the accounts i'm handling and not a screaming siao cha boh that gives standing ovations to my beloved company albeit knowing almost nuts about what they've gone thru. *smacks head*...(u're 2 months old wonky bitch! patience!) ok i hear u screaming that statement so control me when i rant. XD

ooooo! and with the writing skills' plummeting lower than a sunken rut can go, i need to do sumthing. and speaking almost everyday to a client that has problems spelling the alphabet A is not helping thank you. it's like trying to dig the grain of fiber stuck in between the 2 molars at the end of your gum. u've gotta yank ur finger in and fork it out but the deeper you dig with saliva dripping, the inner it goes. how leh? kenot speaking too proper cos auntie no understands. shucks.

hmm...enuff ranting. this is gonna be the last emofied post of the year and rest assured, all postings after this will be about parties parties parties...and parties. why? because christmas is coming and PERPETUAL HOPE IS LOOMING IN THE AIR!! BLISS OH BLISS!!! (and someone is coming back and hopefully my souvenir is as big as promised too. YAY!!!)

to kick off, ikano has sum really pretty decorations with little polystyrene snowballs falling all over i'm pretty sure sum kurang ajar kids will pick them up and toss into their mouths when their parents aren't watching. XD. it's not as impressive as mv's theme but oh well, got carols, got big fat santa, got sexy short skirt santa rina confirm ons!!! so we did sumthing that normally swear we won't do.

one nice happy family camwhoring at a local mall. LALALA

she's already adopted the lansi photographic skill of looking away when the camera snaps

all lovey dovey with maid looking from behind. XD.
ironically, the maid seems to appear in many pics. accidental apparently. O.o

not told that the season is here.

now it's here! c that dazzling hopeful eyes? XD


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