Tuesday, December 16, 2008

yuuuuuuuuuuuuuum, seng!

q: how many times can one be attacked by the bug?
a:...many times.

i awoke with this excruciating pain it's as though a root plated in the depths of my throat, clinging on like a parasite, has decided to just stretch and reach out for the sun instead of the gravity. and...i wasn't tempted to get medical leave. BANGGAAA!!!

partially because there's this huge presentation (that doesn't really need me to do the talking but i'm part of it) that i would not opt to miss and...everyone ie the clients are kissing the year goodbye next week onwards therefore workload hampers onto me like an avalanche. and i'm not complaining, pretty in contrast to how i've been feeling a couple months back. XD. the bitterness in px has subsided in conjunction to kwismas!!

on a brighter note, ZE KOMPANI...is SHUT from the 25 DECEMBER 2008 - 28 DECEMBER 2008 and then some days after UNTIL THE 2nd JANUARY 2008. if you're entitled to annual leaves, shaddap. cos i don't have them yet. will be away for kwismas but please do include my name into ur rombongan list. px nak pigi zoo negara. WEEEEE!!!

i was reading my older posts a while back, just because, and i realized i can be pretty random about things. just like how i blurted out this post that has no apparent objective while waiting for the meds to take effect on my systems. i...sound like an akua. i mite as well just lose the voice wholly. blehhh...

when mommy fed me this last nite, i tot it LOOKED pretty yummy. it's like those rm0.20 fruity jellies u get on the bus. and it does provide a temporary relieve. i took a pill too that apparently works for the itchy bitchy throat. it's so small i think it mite be stuck in the gaps of my teeth. please work on me!

ah pek if you're reading this, ALL YOUR FAULT. my turn to wear shower cap now le. huhu

* dear all, i think the colleague sitting behind me is reading this. everyone say hi.

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